Division of Biology and Medicine
Center for Alternatives to Animals in Testing


Center faculty use state-of-the-art technologies to advance scientific discovery.

Researchers at Brown are leading the charge toward the development of safer and more effective drug therapies.


New drugs fail in human clinical trials


Years needed to test toxicity of one chemical in animals

3D microtissues mimic the function, morphology and cell density of natural tissues and organs and so provide a platform for the development of more predictive assays for drug discovery and toxicity testing.
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Investigators in the Center for Alternatives to Animals in Testing are developing new and exciting ways to visualize and explore 3D images of microtissues.
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To improve our fundamental and quantitative understanding of tissue assembly, the Darling lab is using their hypercompliant microparticles to study how cellular-level forces change as human adult stem cells undergo mesenchymal condensation and maturation in 3D microtissues.
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Virtual reality allows investigators to immerse themselves into a multi-dimensional environment and to explore and probe the 3D architecture of the cells of a microtissue.
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